Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Software Review: Google Sketchup

Google has come out with a pretty impressive free 3D CAD program called Sketchup. I gave it a try and really like what I see. Most of the tools are intuitive and with a little practice, this could be a very useful tool for 3D models and animation in presentations, digital art and more. It is able to import existing CAD designs as well as having an extensive model library, called 3D Warehouse, to place objects and buildings into to your design.The Layers feature does work differently than most programs. Be sure to watch the useful tutorial on that HERE. Most of the other tools have modifier keys like CONTROL and SHIFT so play around to get the feel for it or watch other useful tutorial videos HERE.There is also a growing community for Google Sketchup with an online forum, contests and a gallery. Check it out!

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