Friday, June 11, 2010

Inspirational: The Unexpected Creates Big Impact

One of the biggest thrills I get is seeing art and animation used in unexpected ways. MUSE Amsterdam and Starcom did just that for client Samsung in a cutting edge marketing campaign last month. The ad campaign has two elements to it, a live event and recorded but interactive replay of the event.

First, they created a live event in front of an eager crowded street watching an overlaid projection of 3D artwork onto a historic building. The animation shows the building cracking and bursting open with butterflies, water and vines. It's a beautiful example of their client's new 3D-Outdoor projection system. Also at the live event, representatives showcase the new 3D LED TV for visitors and they have a drawing for visitors to win one of their own.

Second, for the vast audience unable to attend the live event in Amsterdam, they posted the video on YouTube. The video looks just like what you would expect from a normal YouTube page but then as the video shows the animation of the building cracking, the page suddenly cracks open with it revealing vines and water. The top YouTube banner falls to the bottom on the page and butterflies are flying out on the comments sections and thumbnail previews. A pop up informs the user to click on as many butterflies as possible for a chance to win their own Samsung 3D LED TV and the game begins! The final reveal has the building completely destroyed and showing the client's product.

It is a great balance of beautiful artwork, unexpected elements and interactivity. Have a look at the live event HERE and the interactive ad HERE.

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